Sunday, 15 January 2012

Polymer clay day three

Well I had a go at sanding the beads, with three or four different textured sand papers, and after doing about 20 I gave up.  They didn't really look any different to the ones I hadn't done, and the job is really labour intensive and messy with the wet and dry sandpaper.

I have joined a polymer clay forum and there are different of opinions regarding the bead tumblers and the sand paper you have to put in them.  So for now I'll not be buying a bead tumbler until I am sure that I will get the use out of it - they are quite expensive.

After re-reading one of the books I have, I discovered that you don't 'have' to shine the beads, and you can varnish them with a polymer clay varnish if you want too.  There is a matt and gloss version.  So I'll leave that in obeyance for now too.

I have used some of the beads I made to make a bracelet - for summer wear - and I have enough left over to make some earrings and a necklace.

You can just about see a bit of a sheen on some of these - but with the pattern it's not really necessary.

I have made a start on some tiles for a couple of boxes I am working on. I am using air dry clay for those.  I made the tiles yesterday, so can't get to work on them until Wednesday when they will be properly dry and hard.

So I am off to paint a couple of wooden boxes in readiness for the projects.


Paula Whittaker said...

gorgeous beads Lottie.

sam21ski said...

Wow Lottie, this bracelet is lovely. The colours and patterns are stunning. Together they make a gorgeous piece of jewellery. Looking forward to the earrings and matching necklace. I agree, you really don't need to polish and varnish these.

Looking forward to your tiles and wooden boxes.

Sam xxx

Jack said...

Wow these look fab and the little bead inbetween really makes them stand out - if you know what I mean.

Christine B. said...

Wow Lottie you've been busy. This looks lovely. Hugs x ChrisB

Shairon said...

Love the colours in these beads and the bracelet is stunning. Can't wait to see your wooden boxes with the embellies you are making! xx

Sandie said...

Lovely bracelet Lottie.

I don't know about you but, I've been having a lot of trouble with Beadalon nylon coated flexible wire lately, mostly the use of crimp beads and their not being any good at staying put.
I've used different crimps and diferent pliers, crimp and ordinary pliers. It's a bit of a disaster if in the future i intend to sell my bracelets and necklaces!
The people at Spellbound in Lichfield, say they no longer stock it because of this problem!

What do you use?

Sandie xx

Kaowyn said...

The bracelet is so very elegant Lottie and I agree with Jack about your choice of spacing bead really emphasising your clay beads. You are so talented.

melsanford said...

Oh this is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colours :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx