Saturday 12 November 2011

What can you do on a cold, miserable, drizzley day?

Well I decided to finish off the bracelet I started yesterday so popped out to buy some clasps.
The bigger beads came from my old button tin which I rediscovered Thursday.
They didn't look much in amongst the buttons and junk - but I like how they look now!
 The colours change all around each bead and really catch the light.

I am trying to incorporate something of Kath's in everything I make.
There were some small head pins so I used those on the smaller of the beads to attach them to the chain.

I sorted everything out - and there are a collection of little beads.
 I have used some from the little packet right in the middle, a mixture of tiny blue beads.

There's one either side of the magnetic clip at the top of the necklace chain, and ones either end of each of the beads which have a lovely metallic sheen to the glass and really make the 'button tin'  beads shine out!  (Although you can't see their beauty in these photos - poor light)

The earring hooks have all come from Kath's stash. You can see the little glass beads top and bottom.  They are the same colour in real life - but depending on how the light shines on them - they change colour.

I am getting so much neater using the header pins, making a ring loop and attaching them to the chains and earrings.  And also at making double ended loops and rings to attach the beads and clasps to the bracelets and necklace.

When I scrutinised the ones I have made in my two lessons - they now look very amateur - ish, so I am debating whether to take them apart - or wear them with pride as my first efforts.  
(The bits that look like a beginners efforts, are the wire wound loops - which don't show when the jewellery is being worn, unless  you absolutely scrutinise it!  So I think I will keep them as a reminder of where I started!)

Have you made jewellery?  Do you still?  If you have any links to your blogs with you projects on I'd love to see them.

 I am finding it a really calming and relaxing process - do you?


Cath Wilson said...

Beautiful colours, Lottie and I can just imagine how rich and lustrous they look in real life. You're doing a great job - it's lovely to see you making use of all those findings and beads, while thinking of Kath at the same time. I'd keep the first one you made, too - it will make you giggle some time later when you're an expert xxx

sam21ski said...

Fantastic bracelet Lottie and just love those beads, the colours are stunning.

No I don't make jewellery or do beading, I just left that to Kath and reaped the benefits with some of the lovely stuff she sent to me. And it's great that you've started up too to carry on the tradition. Kath would absolutely love what you are making.

Glad you are finding it calm and relaxing, just what the doctor ordered to get your mojo back. Are you having any more lessons?

Sam xxx

Sandies' Patch said...

I find making jewllry very therapeutic, often when I can't sleep, if reading doesn't send me off again, I'll get up and do something 'fidddly', the concentration makes me sleepy!
I posted your parcel off this morning, so keep an eye out for an A4 sized envelope!

In answer to what to do with your 'Amateur' pieces...wear them with pride!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Sandie xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Those colours are beautiful - and a perfect activity for a miserable day.

melsanford said...

Gorgeous jewellery! Those beads are beautiful! I've never made any myself but I love the look of hand made jewellery :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

salamanda said...

What fab pieces - I love those beads.

Caro said...

How lovely that you are doing this in memory of Kath, she would love that. I remember her telling me that one of my first necklaces inspired her to start jewellery making...I was so flattered, especially as after only a few sessions she was much much better at it than me! I love what you have made so far. I don't do much jewellery making these days, but you may have inspired me to start again when i have a little more time.

cockney blonde said...

Brilliant Lottie. You're making some fabulous pieces of jewellery, x

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. And I'm drooling over those bags of beads, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lottie now you certainly will be addicted/hooked to beading. I was inspired by George and Trish (remember them from Card Inspiration Forum/Group). Dear George sent me a large packet of all sorts of beads and findings; which i was really grateful, as otherwise would not have been able to afford to start the hobby; she was so generous. Also I went on line for free tutorial videos. If you look up (i.e. google) some of the large beading stores in USA they have free tutorials and instructions for some inspirational jewellery and you will find them invaluable. You may also like the following magazines - 'Bead' a UK magazine; this was my first beading magazine. 'Bead & Button' and 'Beadworks' are also 2 fabulous magazines which now i buy as i love working with tiny seed beads. The UK 'Beads' forum/group have lots and lots of super members who are just so friendly and helpful. I had so much help from them.
Love and light