Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thankyou so very much Pat

I received an airmail package with a lovely gift inside wrapped up in this pretty paper from Pat Winter
Her blog, with her beautiful work fills me with awe, and she always has a story to tell I try to visit most days - it's a joy.

A few weeks ago when I visited, Pat was having a giveaway to celebrate her birthday
I was staggered when I saw this .  There ended up with 111 comments - but for the first time ever the random number generator picked No.14 and that was me!

 I am very proud to have in my possession all these amazing goodies,
Pictures printed on material, packets of little embellishments, 

Colour co-ordinated pieces of lovely fabric and some gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbon for sewing.

I am so grateful and it really lifted my spirits - thank you Pat.
I have a copy of your book, and really want to try Crazy Quilting, and I really think that this winter will be the time I start.  With your thoughful collection it really has convinced me that perhaps I really can make something.  You have no idea how much I appreciate your kindness.
(A little thank you is flying across the pond as I type)

I think I am getting a bit philosophical in my old age - and here's why

I have been 'overshadowed' with a great sadness for a while as a very dear friend of mine has been really poorly.   But this weekend I really feel that somehow she has been trying to  motivate me or cheer me up  from 'afar.'

Firstly I received this wonderful gift.

Then last night for the first time ever I went to a quiz evening in a little village near us to help raise funds for it's bowls club.   I bought some raffle tickets - (I've not won any raffles before)  But the most amazing thing happened.  Out of the several hundred tickets sold my number was called out first!  I couldn't believe it!   I chose a box of mushrooms - as it was being held at a mushroom farm.  I could have had wine, spirits, chocolates and all manner of goodies - but just picked mushrooms are just the best - I could eat them like chocolates.

We were still celebrating - and the laughter of my picking the mushrooms hadn't died down - when the third number called was another of my tickets!  This time we picked a bottle of nice Champagne - either for a donation to another fund raising event or for Christmas.   Then a while later yet another of my tickets was chosen - at this point I was so embarrassed that I told them to draw another ticket.

Was all this a co-oincidence - or was my dear friend, wherever she is - working her magic to lift my spirits?
I like to think it's the latter.

I can't pretend to be happy, but I will be giving myself a kick up the rear, and start crafting again - it's just what she'd have wanted.

But it might take me a little time.

Till then I will be visiting your blogs and seeing what you are doing.

Oh I have just noticed the quote of the day today - its.....

Quote of the Day
How delightful to find a friend in everyone.
Joseph Brodsky
I doubt I will ever have a friend as special as you my dearest - but I think I am receiving your messages loud and clear


Pat Winter said...

Lottie, It must certainly be your dear friend nudging you so you will share your sweet smile around and not hide it in grief. Open your heart and see what flows in.
Hugs and congrats dear certainly deserve all that comes your way.
Pat...who loved the stroll through your town the other day :-)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Receiving something from Pat has to be one of the joys of life! I agree that all the good things happening are your friend telling you to take joy in your life and start creating something fun.

sam21ski said...

Hi Lottie, I'm sure you're absolutely right, just because she is no longer here in life doesn't mean she's gone away. She will be looking down on you from afar and probably waiting to see what you are going to create with those fantastic goodies that you've just received.

I know it's hard, but you have to look back on the good times, the laughs, the wonderful creations you made, swapped and received. You know she wouldn't want you to be sad for her, she was such a happy, thoughtful, giving individual who never felt sorry for herself.

Take care, try to find a smile - Sam xxxxxxx

Lottie said...

Oh Sam - trust me I do find a smile - it's often 'painted' on. I am just 'quiet'. I don't want to give the impression that I am all doom and gloom. When I visited my friend a few weeks ago for the last time - we said all the things we wanted to say, and she made me promise to live each day to the full (which I have been doing for a number of years) and to keep crafting - so I shall of course.

At the moment I am spending each day doing lots of physical activities in the garden until I am fit to drop - it lifts the heart and takes your mind off things, and lets you sleep at night. This weekend I have spring cleaned the chicken run and house:today I have dug up plants to move, created a path, painted some raised beds, and now after a shower I am fit to drop - but not until I have cooked a lovely roast dinner.

This afternoon I will think lovely thoughts of my friend whilst looking out at the garden I have created for her over the past month.

sam21ski said...

Good to hear Lottie, that's just what she would want you to be doing xxxx

Christine B. said...

Hi Lottie, I know she will be with you always. I didn't get to meet her, but I know what a lovely generous person she was.
She will definately be waiting to see what you create when you are feeling stronger and you have done your greiving. It takes time and you will sit out in your and her garden and smile alot. Take care.Thinking of you. Lots of love ChrisB xx

melsanford said...

What a fab win! Congratulations :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx