Thursday, 4 August 2011

Time for flower arranging again.

It was our annual flower arranging and lunch day yesterday
The weather was excrutiatingly hot and humid but we still had fun.
This is a pew end but as I don't have a pew, its laying on my table.

This very large arrangement is difficult to display.

It smells wonderful and is designed to look nice from all sides.

Its in a long tray which holds three Oasis blocks so quite a lot of space to fill.
We all took food for lunch - and had a veritable feast - it was great - and there was laughter all day long.

(We made the little pew end arrangement in the afternoon - as you can probably guess.  We were all wilting from the heat, and full of fabulous food)


Ginger said...

These are so good, you are so artistic Lottie, I cannot do flowers to save my life. Your conservatory looks pretty chic too.

Shairon said...

Gorgeous compositions and lovely colour combo, Lottie!x

melsanford said...

Such beautiful flowers - gorgeous! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Linda Hart said...

I LOVE your arrangements, Lottie. Like Ginger, I am hopeless with flowers! Love how your new garden room looks too! I bet you spend every minute you can in there!

His Daughter said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Rosie said...

I used to LOVE arranging flowers Lottie and these are absolutely stunning! Good for you! I can't wait to move and start another garden... =)