Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Grrr Blogger still misbehaving!

Well blogger is being a real pain.   It lets me type a message in the comments on blogs - then it throws me into the log in page - even though I am logged in - then when I got back I get the same message - seems to be stuck in a loop.

It will be nice when they fix it.

So I am visiting your blogs and will continue to do so - but for now you will not see my comments - all nice ones I can assure you!


themessycraftroom said...

Hi Lottie, He's been a real pain for me too. I found out if you untick every time you sign in. It works and lets you leave a message. Well it as for me. I hope you are well, I'll e mail you soon. Hugs x ChrisB

Doreen G said...

He must have an unhappy home life as he is giving us all a hard time.
I kept getting returned to the verification word and it changed each time -so after 6 attempts I gave up.Grrrr indeed.

veronica said...

Blogger is a real *** at the moment, but Chris' fix worked for me too - it's a pain having to sign in, but less annoying than the sign-in roundabout every time I try to leave a message!

Beth Niquette said...

I was having fits with blogger this morning until I reset my editor to the old one. SO sorry you have been having trouble!