Sunday, 12 December 2010

Another week - another 'cake'

I made a square arrangement for a friend.

Another cake design

I hadn't seen this friend for over 20 years

She thinks it is about 23 years

What a joyous weekend we had - and we won't lose touch again
I was able to use lots of foliage from my garden, and moss just a couple of days before the snow wrecked most things

I chose flowers that should last a long time

I love Christmas - it's such a great time to flower arrange

I am working on a Christmas cracker

I'll finish it over the weekend - it's very Christmassy


Paper Paradise said...

Fantastic and very lowcalorie and fat free. It is lovely to find after 23 years the friendship is strong, how lovely...... x

themessycraftroom said...

How lovely for you to see your friend after all those years. I bet she was blown away by your beautiful cake. Such a lovely idea and so gorgeous. Hugs x ChrisB

Createology said...

Lovely way to celebrate and not get carried away with the foods so many cannot smartly eat.

LazyKay said...

Really beautiful, you have a gift with flowers.


Rosie said...

Loyyie! Wow! I love these fat-free cakes! I have been browsing your blog again and love all the xmas stuff you've created - I feel inspired! That little gift bag is gorgeous - I am so impressed I have been to Roben's site and am awaiting approval!! Thanks for sharing how you made that one though - I have a pattern upstairs and an itch to scratch today so...
Happy New Year, my friend!!