Tuesday 24 August 2010

(Un)Friendly Plastic Swap

I joined in a swap this month which required the use of Friendly Plastic. 
 So what's friendly about it tell me do!

I bought a number of sticks, a set of heart cutters and thought it was going to be easy!
I even watched a mini demo on TV - and it did look fairly easy - but clever people have a way of  doing that don't they. - Making things look easy!
I thought I would make a book and decorate it with friendly plastic.
But I received a lovely book in the swap from someone, so had to think of something else.

As I had a heart cutter I had a flash of inspiration and I cut out a big heart out of material - almost A4 in size.
I stamped it with vintage wording, and did an image transfer of a lovely gypsy girl onto a piece of cream lawn cotton, and sewed it on the front adding some vintage lace to frame it.

Having admitted defeat with the unfriendly plastic and ending up with lots of disasters I decided to make a back for it and turn it into a 'puffy heart' which I remember seeing on someone's blog but just can't find it to add a link.  

**** Edited to say - it's here ****

Carol makes the most amazing things - and her little vintage hearts are stunning- so is her photography - do go and pay her a visit.

It was nothing like my heart - and as soon as I have tracked it down I will post a link. 
I made a gold heart from Friendly Plastic for the gypsy girl to wear, and experimented making  leaves and little gold flowers with gems in them for the front.

I did an image transfer on the back of a vintage heart.
Then sewed it all together and filled it with stuffing which I perfumed with Anais Anais

It's a Friendly Plastic failure, but hopefully the padded heart will be used to add fragrance to a room or to a wardrobe full of clothes.


themessycraftroom said...

Hi Lottie, love your heart. I know what you mean about that stuff. I only had one go years ago and couldn't get to grips with it. Never gone back there. I know alot of people love it. Hugs x ChrisB

Maggi said...

The heart is beautiful and the Friendly Plastic appears to have worked well despite your problems. I have never used it although I do have some lurking in the garage somewhere.

Lorraine said...

love the heart Lottie and I agree I dont think its friendly at all! I watched a demo on it on Create & Craft recently..it was hidden away at 1am and featured Liz Welsh..she has some you tube videos I think and she used hot water instead of a heat gun

Cath Wilson said...

It's lovely, Lottie. I think you did really well, but I do agree with you about FP - I really don't like the stuff, even though I've seen some fantastic stuff made with it. AND we had a big demo from one of the experts at our Stamp Club a few months ago. Guess who didn't go - just hate the stuff. Gorgeous piece, though.

Zoechaos said...

Beautiful cushion so many wonderful techniques used here sure to thrill your swap partner. FP is funny stuff i love it for abstract embelishments and using it moulds but agree the experts make it look much easier than it is for us novices. xx Zoe

Anonymous said...

I have never used it but i love what you achieved, i think its a success. The heart is beautiful too, love the image transfer and the colours you used
hugs June xxxx

sam21ski said...

Looks stunning Lottie with or without the FP, love the colours and puffiness of your heart - fabulous xxxxx

Carol Q said...

ooh, these are just divine Lottie. love the shade you've used and you are so good at image transfer. It might have been my blog you saw them on. I've made so many now I've stopped posting them or I'll bore everyone to tears LOL.

Sandies' Patch said...

Lottie it's lovely!
Almost Spring like colour, very fresh feeling.
I know what you mean about the so-called 'Freinedly Plastic', I've never got the hang of it!
Still, you are very proficient (if that's the right choice of words) in many other mediums, so what the heck?!

Sandie xx

Sally H said...

It's beautiful Lottie, and you have been so successful. I too own several sticks, but despite watching lots of demos have only produced lumps of rubbish. I can tell what yours is. I've been a bit like Rolf Harris with mine, saying 'Can you tell what it is yet?'!

Anonymous said...

lovely heart...havent tried FP,dont think I will now!

Anonymous said...

Lottie, you did really well with your Friendly Plastic, don't foret, it is your first time. The trick with FP is not to overheat the stuff, you only need to get it to 60 deg c or 140 deg F for it to be soft enough to work. If you want to cut shapes out of it, put the FP on kitchen foil in hot water (60 deg c) and then use a cutter. Let it cool, or place into cold water to harden before removing from the kitchen foil.
Once you have mastered some very simple key things, Friendly Plastic is very easy and forgving to work with. The thing is that it is not like other materials, so there is a little bit of a learning curve to get started.

Ati said...

Lottie you have made a very nice swap item from the (un) friendly plastic. I can imagine it was not easy! But the result is beautiful and the receiver will be delighted!

Unknown said...

Bravo, what a wonderful heart, I admire you creativity, so much work has gone into this peice. I own an ATC that someone made me from FP & I love it, but it is not something that I have tried to use nor had the inclination to do so :)