Wednesday 4 August 2010

I felt really 'free' with this template and just played.

I used one backing paper (a ledger sheet). 
 Instead of more strips or layers of backing papers,  I used oil based pastels and smudged them. 

It really was great fun.

It doesn't look quite so bare in real life as it does in the photo - mainly because you can see the light shading of the smudged pastels and lines and columns of the ledger page.

These templates are really good fun and so very challenging - well they are to me!

And maybe at a later stage I will have something more to write about!


Cath Wilson said...

Really lovely, Lottie and great use of colour. Those pastels are great to use, aren't they?

sam21ski said...

You are still doing a stunning job with these Lottie - it's another lovely page xxxx

Createology said...

Now you are in my color favorites. I love how you have done this page with the smudging. Happy creating...

LazyKay said...

A really well designed piece, good use of elements and colours.


Rosie said...

You know, when I remember all the other stuff you're signed up for Lottie, you're doing a brilliant job of learning to journal! Don't be so hard on yourself!xx