Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Book of Intentions - struggling into the world of journalling with templates and prompts

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I finally adding some wording - which I am finding rather hard.

This is another page - not the one next to the  above.
You can tell how I feel about it by the messy photo!

I am struggling with images at the moment  - no magazines etc the Sunday 'You' which didn't really have anything inspiring.   I am not happy with this page, but will keep it in to remind me how 'bad' I was when I started out.  This first book is designed as experimental.
I picked out a 'prompt' and a template at random then set about tearing, sticking, drawing, masking, and writing to fit the prompt.
You'll probably recognise the 'Never look back' heading from the weekend mag.  Again I picked a template at random, and ahered to the desing rigidly!

I where the black paint is - I did open up my soul - which was very hard - but as the tutor writes in her notes -  you can paint over it or cover it with more backing paper - which I did - and was surprised how good it felt to do so.  A bit like writing something on a blackboard and rubbing it out!

I am only going to post a few more of my pages, then leave it until the book is finished - hopefully they will get better
I am taking a bit of 'time out' so you won't see much of me on the forums or leaving comments.  I will be visiting your blogs though and keeping up to date with what you are doing - just don't have enough time to leave comments at the moment.


Cath Wilson said...

I actually like the middle one, Lottie - even though you say you don't. Fab pages - more like altering books than journalling, I think. I love what you're doing.

sam21ski said...

You're doing a fab job Lottie, I too think the middle page is the best. It's very easy to critise your own work and sometimes when things don't turn out as you planned you somehow think they are not right, when in fact to others they are perfect. I personally don't like journalling as I am always stuck for something to write, but keep going with it, you'll get there in the end.

Have a lovely break xxxxx

themessycraftroom said...

Hi Lottie I like what you are doing , they are looking good. I also like the middle page.x Hugs ChrisB

LazyKay said...

I think you're doing a great job and (as you know) I'm a very 'wordy' person and love finding and using words. I think you've used yours well.


Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

I love your journal.
I enjoy the process of making this journal too.
Oops...did I tell you that I am taking Kelly's class.

Anonymous said...

Lottie; i am sure you will enjoy journalling.