Monday 5 July 2010

Flower arranging with a breeze block!

I am certainly stretching myself these days aren't I.  And today was no exception - I went on a flower arranging workshop which involved making a modern arrangement with just the minimum of 'ingredients'.

Aren't these Cymbidium orchids just gorgeous.
They look like little creatures from a magical kingdom!
I can see a little nose on top of an open mouth with a tongue poking out.

I used green willow - cut from my willow arch.
I took loads and it was snapped up by lots of arrangers.

The design is for a minimalist modern home
which it totally the opposite of mine
I just had to add some leaves to soften the harshness of the breeze block

I have to say that it does not suit my home at all.

But I spent a great couple of hours, in good company, and learnt plant manipulation amongst other things.  It was such a change of style for me - plants suspended in tubes.

I can picture a Christmas arrangement like this - with painted red canes, entwined with ivy, and  perhaps the breeze block being covered with holly and baubles - ideal for my little cold porch.


themessycraftroom said...

Wow this is very different. I like what you have done ,but like you say it needs the right setting. Well done.XHugs ChrisB

sam21ski said...

Oh wow Lottie, love the pattern you've created with the cane for them to rest on. Lovely flowers too xxxx

Sandies' Patch said...

I like it, simple and minimalist in one!
Sandie xx

Glennis F said...

I like it Lottie, it would suit my house very well

Anonymous said...

always fun do something out of your 'comfort zone' - very interesting design/arrangement.

Sally H said...

I love anything involving orchids. They always make me think of fairies as the flowers are so like faces. It might not be what I would choose, but it is very beautiful Lottie. You are so talented!