Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I have been rather quiet of late on the internet blogging front - but hope to have a play this morning. So whilst you are awaiting my latest creation with bated breath - that is a JOKE honest, I just wanted to post this........

My lovely lipreading tutor retired last week, and we had a bit of a celebration in class to surprise her. She is the lovely lady on the left with the most amazing smile. 
(As you can see by our shiny glow - it was sweltering in the room despite having the doors open!)

You may remember that I made her the butterfly bag as a leaving gift and kept my fingers crossed that she would like it.

But she didn't.

She said that she absolutely LOVED it! 
As soon as she saw the package amongst the other things we bought her, she went for it first and said with a huge smile, 'Oh, I know who this is from' and couldn't get the paper off it quick enough.

Unbeknown to us she has always had a 'thing' about butterflies so I hit all the right spots with it.

As she has been hearing me enthusing about my chickens for the past few years and reading my Allotment Lady blog, and discussing them with me etc.  She had a Chicken Coop from husband in early spring as a present and two weeks ago she bought three chickens herself - so we all clubbed together and got her chicken related pressies!

I didn't make this cake - one of the other ladies did, but I did get the job of making the lips.   I used to make cakes, for birthdays, weddings, sugarcraft flowers etc as presents but gave it up a while ago

The lady that made this cake took me to one side the previous week and said, 'You're an artist aren't you, so can you make me some red lips for the cake!'  I didn't get time to protest about the artist bit - so made several sets of sugarpaste lips.  (I don't know what the white mark is on the lips - it wasn't there when I made them - think it's icing sugar.)  I made lips from Minnie Mouse - to thick Mick Jagger ones as I didn't know the size she wanted! * Edited to say that these are the Minnie Mouse shaped lips

I am off to my shed now to see if I can get inspired to do some crafty stuff - I have been reading the latest Craft Stamper magazine and it's full of red hot summer colours - and a great free stamp too!


themessycraftroom said...

Hi what a lovely picture of you both. I'm not surprised she loved her pressie you did a beautiful job of it.
Love the lips they're great!! Glad she called you an artist because she's right. Your end results with everything you make is great.
Have fun playing. Hugs ChrisB xxx

sam21ski said...

So pleased she liked your bag Lottie, but then who wouldn't

Fab cake and lush lips!!!!

Sandie's Patch said...

So who's lips were they then?!
What a wonderful party you had despite the heat!
See, I told you, you ARE an artist!

Sandie xx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Well if your lip reading tutor hadn't loved the bag I'd have been straight over there buying it off her! Its fantastic! Great photo of you both too. :0)