Saturday 27 February 2010

Something different. Ikebana-ish - with a twist.

Before I begin my usual waffle - can I just say thank you so very much for your comments.  You have not idea how much they mean to me.   I haven't been able to do my usual blog rounds to all of you - but will do - I'm working my way around.

I went to a flower arranging workshop yesterday afternoon - torrential rain, flooded roads, but it was worth it.   I am really getting back into the 'swing' of things and hope to go more works shops in all things arty crafty this year.   I didn't get it finished yesterday as I only had two and a half hours and there was lots to do, so I completed it this morning.

To make this you need a some shrub branches, large metal rings, something to cover them with, some test tubes, spring flowers, a container and a bit of imagination!

This was really difficult to photograph as it is very tall. Here are some close ups.  The tulips have opened out overnight, the closed ones are those I arranged today

I used a square green plastic container which I have put in the basket

Our first task was to cover the bare metal frames with something.
I am not the most patient in the faffing about department but it was worth all the effort, so I was  told, as they liked the finished effect.  I wrapped the ring loosely with orange crepe paper, and stuck the ends down with double sided tape.  On top of that I layered some shades of orange sisal, and some knitting wool.  Then used silver wire all around to hold it all together - oh and some wispy bits of Kapoc stuffing - thought it would match the white gypsophelia and the other colours.
I had to repeat the process for the two rings and added the pearl beads as an afterthought

I cut up the branches and arranged them in the oasis, and secured the rings to them

The test tubes I covered in ivy leaves and wrapped silver wire around them,
 fixed them to the branches so that I could put tulips high up, and looking natural.
(Sadly you don't get almost 4ft high tulips)
I have tried to make it look interesting all the way around
And have use gypsophelia right up the middle through the twigs
It smells divine and the colours match the colours in my home.
It's a bit difficult to photograph indoors but here it is.
It looks better in the hall with a cream backdrop, but it was too dull there to take a photo.
Not bad for a total of £18 for everything - including the workshop!
I have booked myself in for next month - going to do something more traditional

I think it looks a bit Ikebana-ish, but with a modern twist.
Hey - the sun has come out - I am off to play with inks!


Carol Ann said...

Wow that is a real work of art I love it!
Carol Ann xx

Claireabelle said...

Wow Lottie!!! Absolutely stunning

Hels Sheridan said...

Wow! This is stunning hun...My MIL does flower arranging...she always does a stand at Sandringham...maybe you should stand there too cos ... I tell you what...this is a WINNER!!!!! hugs xx

Unknown said...

I am blushing now folks. It's just playing - but its great fun, and doesn't cost much at all. When the flowers have died, I will add more - which will cost less than £5 or may even just leave it as a twiggy arrangement, then add blossom twigs later in the spring.

(If we get a spring that is.)

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Imagine this as a centre piece on a wedding table using whites or cream etc. Incredible, Lottie. Really spectacular! How did you get this home??!! Sticking out of the roof?
Brilliant how you showed all the different shots. I was so suprised to see HOW tall this was! And I smiled from ear to ear at the last image. Thanks for the insight ;0)

I look forward to your next class to see what challenge they set you then.

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning! x

ju said...

Fabulous!! Just beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

that is a truly striking display!

www.themessycraftroom. said...

Absolutely gorgous. I was amazed at the hight of it. I just love what you did with the rings and the pearls its stunning. Like the others can't wait to see next times. Hugs xx Chris

Sally H said...

Fabulous, Lottie! I love those tulips!

Glennis F said...

Wow Lottie - that looks so professional - well done

Unknown said...

it is stunning....I love it!

Createology said...

Lottie this is the most unique arrangement I have ever seen and I go to a few flower shows. I love the rings of texture with the yarns and pearls amongst the florals. You are genius. Keep creating...

Sandies' Patch said...

Lovin' it! I too particularly like the 'rings', they look like layers of Spring emerging after the Winter gloom and seem to float in the clouds.

Pearl said...

Imagination and how! What a beauty Lottie, it's an original and I just love it. I've truly never seen anything like it. Will you be my florist? Have a great Sunday

LazyKay said...

That is beautiful and well worth all your faffing - you have made a gorgeous piece and it stands out well against the light in the window.