Friday, 1 January 2010

This is one I made earlier - and it got messed up!

I made this 'roaring twenties' pendant - then had an accident and messed it up! I had glued the UTEE'd image in with Superglue yesterday, but when I went to look at it today one side of it hadn't stuck properly, so I tried to carefully prise it out to re-do it and it snapped. Argh!

It was such a shame - I have messed up quite a few - but at least I managed to salvage the glass dangley flower for the pendant below


LazyKay said...

That's beautiful.

SO frustrating when glue decides to do its own thing, I've ruined many an item like that as well.

You've rescued it brilliantly.

Lovely piece.


Sally H said...

Another beauty. Isn't it frustrating when we are happy with a piece and then it goes wrong? Well done for rescuing some of it! Happy New Year, Lottie x

Melinda Cornish said...

sometimes my mess ups turn into something I really like...So were you able to save it? I really like it! embellishments can hide a sure and come enter my little giveaway on my blog!!!!

Hels said...

Ooh, I hate it when that happens...but...if you crack UTEE...use your heatgun and gently heat it up again...the crack should close up as the UTEE melts a this piece tho hun...Happy New Year to you and yours and hoping 2010 is a great year for you x

Jennie said...

These are lovely :)
Happy New year to you and yours

Debbie said...

Oh wow - I am so loving your pendants xx

stampdiva said...

Very frustrating still how on earth can you call this "messed up". It is gorgeous - the Roaring Twenties happen to be my favourite time in history. Lynne M x