Sunday, 24 January 2010

Revealed - The triplets names

Thank you for your suggestions for names for my new Modern Game birds.............

May I present to you Zola on the left and Lola on the right.
I love the rationale behind your choices.
Zola - after Zola Budd - the South African Olympic runner.
Lola - "She was a show girl"  as these were show girls.

Meet 'Twiggy'  - a great suggestion.
"Legs like thin twigs like the model"


Twiggy, Zola (more sandy feathers over her head, neck, and back) and Lola who is slightly lighter


Sally H said...

Fabulous! What perfect names. They are looking very happy with you x

Lynne K said...

Well, those names really seem to suit them. And they look very much at home there.

sam21ski said...

Fab names Lottie

They seem to have settled in really well and quite quickly too xxxx

Sandie's Patch said...

I love the floral arrangement and can imagine the smell of the bay leaves with the roses.
You must have a large bay tree!

Momiji said...

great names..they really suit them.

Createology said...

Lola, Zola and Twiggy how fun is that?!!

LazyKay said...

GREAT names - now do we get a bit of the Christening cake?


Very Mary said...

TEE HEE! I love them!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol brilliant!! What fantastic names. That really made me smile :0)))))))))

prashant said...

They are looking very happy with you

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