Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fixing a mess - the artistic way.

I have a confession to make - I did an image transfer that went wrong - big time - it flaked off in lots of places.  It was on one of the hessian bags I have been using lately.  I spent half an hour picking off the flakes that would peel off - and sanding down/off those that wouldn't before applying another transfer on top - and the same thing happened but not quite so bad.

So I decided to rescue it - and paint over it with acrylic paints.

It was rather liberating painting with big gloops of acrylic!

I had nothing to lose as it was messed up any way
so I went all 'Monet' -ish!

Where there were renmants of writing showing through
where I had painted - I just wrote over with a Promarker
It's all gobbledegook!

There was a big chunk of the lady missing so this
was rather a challenge - but it looks fine from a
distance which is how you are supposed to view paintings

The bag is lined with sealed plastic - so its a great surface to paint
on - it doesn't soak through to the other side!

That's another fine mess I got myself out of Ollie!


NETTI said...

Well done, Lottie. If you hadn't said, I would never have known.
Clever lady!!!

LazyKay said...

A truly unique work of art - I think this turned out to be a happy accident! Well done.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous bag, well rescued! xx

Sally H said...

You have done a wonderful job! I wish I had your perseverance when I make mistakes!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow thats gorgeous, beautiful and clever work my friend
hugs June xxxx

Createology said...

Monet would be so jealous! A truly clever artist you are.

alcoholinky said...

wow Lottie, your talents are amazing. this is gorgeous.

Sandie's Patch said...

The bag is lovely Lottie, very 'Monet' Darling!

I love the new Bantam Babes, they are cute!

Sandie xxx

stampdiva said...

The transfer may not have worked out as intended but what an amazing result. Very special indeed. Lynne M x

Rein said...

Beautiful bag!

Cath Wilson said...

Great adaptation, Lottie - love the way it turned out :)