Friday, 4 December 2009

Old Age Pensioner - It is official

Sorry that I have not been doing the rounds of all your blogs today - I have been a bit pre-occupied with my 60th birthday today.

I am having the best birthday of my entire life.  I have had 10 cards from internet friends!

When my son phoned and I told him how many cards I have received (an all time record for me) even he said "Wow mum - cool" :biggrin:

We spent the day in Norwich city, and had lunch in the Assembly Rooms - a most gorgeous historical house

I had a five course sumptuous Christmas meal (won't dare weigh myself tomorrow) finishing with Baileys coffee and real homemade melt in the mouth mince pie. I had to pinch myself that today is really real.

Dearest Pat presented me with a bottle of Chanel perfume (which will last all year) and Father Christmas and the Birthday pixie are apparently going to buy me a lap top!  I am not sure if Father Christmas will find a bargain by the time he comes down our chimney - but if not then in the New Year apparently.

I am on such a high - you'd have to see it to believe it - not like me at all!

I am treasuring every single moment of today - and am so happy to be 60 its the best time of my life!

Once again - huge thanks for the cards and presents - I am so chuffed - I almost feel like I am part of a big family - you have all contributed to make my day so very special and one which I shall never forget.

God bless you

Have a lovely weekend - and now I really must  go to bed


Cath Wilson said...

Happy Birthday, Lottie! I didn't know it was your birthday or I'd have sent you a card - NAUGHTY you!!! Hope it's a great year for you :)

Pearl said...

Well Jeepers! wish I had known to I would have baked you a cake! Happy Birthday Lottie I'm so happy for you it sounded like a wonderful day. I jumped over to see the mansion you went to and wow! I would have loved it too. I hardly ever drink but when I do it's Bailies and coffee for me too. I can't wait to turn 60 now! Have a blessed 60th dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Im so pleased you had such a wonderful day sweetie.

Jennie said...

Lottie, Happy Happy Birthday to you!
Hugs xx

Lottie said...

Thanks everyone - I am still on a high!

LazyKay said...

SO PLEASED you had a great day and lots of lovely memories. Your meal sounds YUM too! What a treat.

You will certainly get a bargain in the lap top department after Christmas but they often reduce prices drastically at the 11th hour before Christmas so it will be lovely for you to be able to sit comfortably and communicate with your cyber buds!


Pattie said...

I,m a bit late but happy belated 60th birthday !! so pleased you had a lovely time,we never forget those big birthdays lol,dont tell anyone but i,m 71 haha,it gets better thats for sure ,I love my life crafting away ! wishing you all the best
Pattie xxx

alcoholinky said...

ooh you kept that quiet. Glad to hear you had a wonderful day Lottie. many congrats.

NETTI said...

Oh Lottie, you sound so happy, it's lovely to read. I'm sorry I missed your birthday but so gald it was the bestest ever!!!!

Flippinpest said...

A very happy belated birthday Lottie, it sounds as though you hjad a wonderful one.May the next 60 be as great an adventure :-)

Momiji said...

so sorry I didn't know about your birthday so belated birthday greetings from me too!
so pleased you had such a lovely day and those cards are really to wonderful!

Molly said...

I turned 60 two weeks ago and you are right--it is really wonderful. However I have six more years to go before I can be a pensioner. We in the US have all these expensive wars to fight, you know, so the rest of us have to keep working. :P