Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Keeper stamp plate.

I was really inspired by this months' Craft Stamper magazine - lots of lovely projects in there - brilliant.

I actually have one of the stamps that was used in there too - which is a first! 

I bought it from Happy Daze  and two of their design team members are featured in the magazine this month.  Sadly I can't put any scanned photos on here as the magazine is not in the shops until 4th December (mine came early as I subscribe to it), but you can see some of the examples if you click the Happy Daze link above. 

One of those featured in the magazine is Paula a friend of mine - and I was inspired to have a go.

I decided to make myself an address book as ours is so old and is falling apart.

The trouble is people keep moving, and in the years I have had it some have moved 5 times - it is a real mess.

This book is really really thick and I used the largest size O wires to make it.  Lots and lots and lots of pages, and made this way so that I can just tear out any that get changed.   The covers are made out of mount board which I painted, inked then stamped, with images from the set of The Keeper stamps.  I was dreaming of a really hot steamy summers evening, with a few wispy white clouds just appearing over the horizon, and the sun. 

I have given it a couple of coats of varnish to keep it clean, so looks nice and shiny.

Sections of the inside pages are divided with tags, onto which I will put the letters of the alphabet for that section, once have all been entered. We have lots of surnames beginning with the same letter, and some letters of the alphabet haven't a single address, so this way I can divide it to suit our needs - which is not taken into account when you buy an address book - well it can't be can it!

At the back of the inside cover I have made a pocket which will hold 'business cards' which will be handy, and at the moment I am not sure whether to buy a journal stamp for the pages, or to just write them up by hand on the plain paper (Patrick has volunteered for that job!) 

I have a busy few days coming up, so probably won't be able to do any crafting until the weekend - but I hope to have time to visit your blogs to see what you are up too late in the evenings.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Really gorgeous. Love the idea of a business card pocket- you always have these little extra ideas which really finish off the item so well.
And yes I agree the work in the magazine article was fabulous. really caught my eye.

Jennie said...

Lottie, love your book, geat idea, mine is an old fliofax with so much stuff in it it doesn't close! Haven't seen the magazine yet, and we have an article in it! lol
Hope you are good :)

Anonymous said...

Love the amazing background youve created - youve used this set beautifully.
I think I might have to nab this idea, as I have my names and numbers written on pieces of papers scattered every where, would be lovely to be organised for once in my life!

Sandie's Patch said...

Glad you are feeling better!
Love the address book,you should have an Etsy shop and sell your wares...that is if you can bear to part with them, after all they are works of a truly talented artist.
Well that's my opinion anyway LOL!
I love your use of colour, easy on the eye, yet mesmerising and relaxing at the same time.
You should be very proud of your work. Well done! xx

alcoholinky said...

gorgeous Lottie. the backgrounds are lovely and mellow in colour, very calming. like the idea of the business card holder too.

Momiji said...

I love this idea and that nostalgic image looks so lovely in those colours. a lot of your creations lately have real practical uses..

Cath Wilson said...

Beautiful and functional - great idea, Lottie :) Love it and love the idea of using tags to separate letters of the alphabet!

Sally H said...

absolutely beautiful, Lottie! Love it!

LazyKay said...

DEFINITELY a keeper Lottie and so good to have something that will be in regular use.