Sunday, 20 December 2009

I wish it could be Christmas every day yay

The Christmas songs are playing on the radio, there is deep snow on the ground - ooo its lovely.

I have been out to my studio to finish something off.  So thought I would show you in case you think that on the days I am not posting, I am lounging on my sofa with a glass of sherry in my hand, stuffing my face with chocolates, and pulling crackers.

On Friday afternoon, rather recklessly I went out in all the snow to a workshop in a village about 12 miles from here.  The day before I had been out in the snow, and sleet gathering foliage, got soaked to the skin, chilled to the bone, and pricked by ivy.  I packed my car the night before - so what the heck!

Sadly I could only stay an hour and a half as the conditions were so bad that I wanted to drive home whilst it was still light.

Its proving to be a bit difficult to photograph.
I only  have a little lounge and only one table

You can get the idea of it though can't you.  It's a wreath - with a bit of a modern twist to it.

I did a lot of the preparation work whilst there which took most of the time.
The hour and a half to be precise.
Cutting 8 twigs 2ft long, and cutting dozens coloured stick into tiny bits.
Then on two long lengths of wire, I had the tedious task of winding the wire three times one way, then in reverse, then twisting it around on itself before adding the next one. (I felt like 'life's too short to faffing about doing this'!.  It really made my fingers sore, and I am not sure that it adds anything to the arrangement - but I always do as I am told - and it's the 'in thing' this year.

So I have been making the wreath at home. With fresh foliage, wild holly which I sprayed here and there with gold.  Some box hedge, holly, conifer, and pittosporum from the garden. Silk poinsettias (in the place of red roses which is like finding chickens teeth in the wilds of Norfolk)
I have improvised madly with what I could find, gold ribbon to create 'roses', gold beads, a few sprayed nuts and cones, and a candle in the middle to finish if off.

Next came the hard part of creating a 'tepee' of twigs, then  swirling the wired little coloured twigs around - clockwise then anti-clockwise.  Then taking apart a decoration to wire  the 'bauble's' to finish it off.

(I took this last night by the light of the Christmas tree - minus the fruit etc.)
It actually looks lovely on the table with nuts and fruit around it, with the snowy backdrop of the garden behind it - but it proved impossible to take a photo of it like that as the bright snow made the arrangement look dark and in shadow.

I have been  making more presents which I can't post - and am now off cooking!


Julie said...

This is just beautiful, Lottie! Worth all your effort, I think! Loved your description of the process--enjoy your snowy Christmas!

Shairon said...

Just gorgeous Lottie, as are everything you attempt to do craft-wise! Wishing you and your family a really lovely Christmas and with such an impressive centrepiece how could it be other than lovely!

Createology said...

How beautiful your wreath is that you have made. Traditional yet with a "twist". Thank you for sharing your lovely enchanted snowy home, gardens and studio. Merry Christmas! <:o)

flutterbycrafter said...

This is beautiful, well worth all the effort. You must be thrilled with it. thanks for sharing it.

Sally H said...

Really, really beautiful! I am sure it will have pride of place! Hope your cooking turns out just as well!

LazyKay said...

That is beautiful. I like the cool feel of it, it really suits the season and your work has reaped rewards.

I was going to a similar workshop but cancelled it when I got the list of 'stuff' I needed as most of it was totally unfamiliar to me and I didn't have the time (or at the moment the money) to get them. Never mind, now you've inspired me with your lovely piece, I'll maybe have a go another time.


Pearl said...

This is quite beautiful Lottie I really like it, I think it was worth your while! So different and detailed. Great job!

Paula said...

wow it looks blooming good to me....well worth all the effort! said...

Lovely wreath worth all the time and effort. Will look lovely on your table on Christmas day. Wishing you and Patrick all the best for Christmas day and 2010. Hugs xx