Thursday, 31 December 2009

Great Grandad's pendant

I was rummaging around in the attic in grandma's old trunk, and was suprtised to find this vintage pendant.

It was wrapped up in a sheet of old brown music score.
(Which is a lot darker than in the photo)

I do believe that he had the same hair colour as me too.
and I have definitely inherited his nose!
I have had to enlarge this photo so that you can see the little metal disc
It is mottled, and when I turned it over it was shiny yellow brass.
The clock has stopped of course - but it looks pleasing.
I must find something to hang on the tiny hole it is so small its hard to see.

Most of you know that I am rather short of 'blood' relatives - so it will come as no surprise to learn that the only rummaging I have done has all been in my daydreaming mind - and I created Great Grandfather's pendant from bits and pieces

So who is the man in the photo in the pendant?
King Edward VII
Well if you are going to dream - why not dream BIG huh?


Hilda G xx said...

Love it Lottie - and the humour too!!!! My initial reaction was "I recognise that man"!!!! I am going to have a go at one of these as soon as I get a minute!!

Sally H said...

Hi Lottie
Fabulous pendant. I have rummaged and found some super old photos of my relatives, but haven't a clue who any of them are! I will email a couple to you if you would like, cos I'd love to hear what stories you come up with!

flutterbycrafter said...

What a fantastic idea, love it and your humour, going to have a go at doing one. Happy New Year to you

LazyKay said...

Always knew you were a secret artistocrat Lottie!



Cath Wilson said...

Salut Princess!! Lovely to see you creating still :) Fab idea - you're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Molly said...

Who says you can't pick your relatives! I love this. And Grandfather is quite handsome, dare I say regal?

stampdiva said...

Adore your artwork but your stories always bring a smile to my face. You are a minx lol. Lynne M

alcoholinky said...

LOL - lovely pendant Lottie and great story to go with it!

Momiji said...

loving these pendants..keep them coming!
happy new year!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol well Princess Lottie, that was a very subtle way of springing the truth on us lol it... xx Happy new year maaaaaaam :0)

Createology said...

How fun this piece is with the story you tell. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Love this; your work is so inspiring.