Tuesday 29 December 2009

Copper Pendant

I have been trying very hard over the past couple of days to make some pendants.

I think it must have been a case of 'beginners luck' at the workshop I attended, or else it was because I had everything I needed to hand which made it easier.  But at home it has been a lot more difficult.

The above is a copper pendant.  It is hard to get a decent photo of it.  It's a stylised butterfly and leaves, debossed into copper.  The background has been blackened with paint, and the raised copper has been rubbed with sandpaper to make it shiny.

This is the other side, with a black painted 'photo picture frame' around it.
The loop I made with copper wire, and it is hung on a length of soft leather.


Cath Wilson said...

Fabulous pendant, Lottie - love the whole thing and I'm sure it's FAR nicer in real life :))

Pearl said...

This is really nice Lottie, what a great effect it has it's very professional looking. Nice work! Pearl

Sally H said...

That's gorgeous! Both sides are beautiful x

LazyKay said...

Lottie, you're far too critical of yourself. This is beautiful. I love the way the geisha image sits on this background.

The embossing looks good.

I have trouble twisting wires for hangy things, you've done that well.


Hels Sheridan said...

Love it! You making some mighty fine pendants there hun x