Friday, 6 November 2009

I wish I had..........

A card fairy godmother.  To sit and go through my 'stocks' of arty crafty stuff - pick out various bits and pieces, and give me a step by step lesson on how to make a card with what I have.

Mention the word 'card' or if I even think of the word 'card', I somehow get a mental blog.   I spend hours attempting to make them, and they end up in the bin.  I just can't produce anything in the 'card' department that I am the least bit thrilled with - despite browsing in awe at a long list of blogs for inspiration. 
Very strange.

This is today's disaster scanned into the computer on a sheet of red card.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't even be bothered to go indoors for my camera.

I have spent a long time making it - and it is now heading into the bin.  It just looks just silly rubbish to me.

At least I have achieved something today - I have managed to clear out and sort out the last corner of my studio which still had a stack of unlabled boxes of mixed contents.  (I have things for flower arranging, sugarcraft (which I no longer do, and must get rid of all that equipment), a sausage making machine, a food dryer, a flower press, books for crafting - I am sure that you can picture it)

It's a great feeling to get things organised - totally.  I will know where to put my hands on anything and everything in here- which is just how I like it.  But it still won't help me to make cards LOL!

I think I will do some work with materials for a little while - and wait for the paper crafting side of things to 'fall into place'


Lynne K said...

Your card is fine, Lottie. The monochrome look is fresh and modern, and the touch of red in the hat sets it off nicely.

Anonymous said...

ooo you are far too hard on can make cards but you analyse things too much...just go with the flo or try using a card sketch or how about just blatantly copying something you like...just a thought but you can make cards,honest!

Sally H said...

Please don't put it in the bin! I really love it! It is refreshing to see something a bit different. As Lynne said it is fresh and modern. Be a little less hard on yourself, honey x

Melinda Cornish said...

you are being to hard on yourself. I like that card! I think it is more confidence than anything and that will come...just go in with the attitude that you are going to play and have fun and it will show in your cards...good for you getting organized! it is one of my big battles and an ongoing one!

LazyKay said...

Just do what you always do for, say, a hangy thing or an ATC and mount it onto a folded card - hey presto, a card!

You put too much pressure on yourself.