Wednesday, 25 November 2009

"Errr what's up Doc?"

I am not up to doing any crafting at the moment, so thought I'd put a few photos up of what's been happening in my garden today-just so that you know that I am still here!

 When I looked out of my window to see what my chooks were up to I saw this!  Large as life, sunbathing, without a care in the world!  It's hard to spot isn't it!

A pesky wabbit!
We never used to get any rabbits in our garden - until we had a new neighbour behind us.  I am not suggesting for one minute that it has anything to do with her or her dog - it's just a coincidence.   It's been a good year for rabbits - and I think that they seek refuge in our garden to escape her terrier!  They are tunnelling under our defences.

Scrabble and Daisy choose this corner to sunbathe, and they are not at all bothered - just puzzled and bemused at all the fuss I am making chasing off the rabbit.

He wasn't really scared of me either - so just made a leisurely hop around the other side of the pond to show willing!  Then went further along the path at the back to sunbathe there!

The 'girls' did the same, and decided to have a snack and ate some grass seeds.

I took a walk around the back of the garden to see if the rabbit had gone.

It is always hard to spot as it camouflages itself so well with the gravel, and leaves, and soil, sneaky thing.

It usually dashes over to this corner behind my gazebo and out and under to the field beyond, but I couldn't spot it

No sign of it over there either

Nor around here - pesky thing - looks like rabbit stew is off the menu again this week.  At least the fence around my raised winter veggie bed has kept the little blighter from eating those!

At least there was a consolation prize - I picked the last of my tomatoes from the lean-to on the back of the garage.
Had my best crop ever this year.


Pearl said...
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Anonymous said...

ooo those pesky wabbits!
And no you dont look fat at all....I was thinking how good you the outfit - v trendy!

Hels said...

Aw, cute ickle waskally MIL had one in her garden this year, it scoffed all her plants and she was not impressed! Hope your little Bugs doesn't scoff all your plants...or even worse, bring a girlfriend and start a colony! Your garden looks amazing is beautiful x

Cath Wilson said...

What a fab garden, Lottie - so much variety and so big!! I'd be pleased to have a rabbit in mine, lol but I can see why you aren't. I can almost smell those tomatoes, too - love the smell of fresh tomatoes...

Sally H said...

Your garden is looking wonderful! Hope the rabbits stay away for you. This one is looking a bit dodgy around the eyes, and that is often the first signs of myxomatosis - it interferes with their sight too, so they can't see which direction to hop in. Is that your craft room? it looks wonderful!

Createology said...

What a fabulous garden and back yard you have. How wonderful that you grow and raise food. Thanks for sharing your photos.

LazyKay said...

Can I smell rabbit stew? LOL!

We've been inundated with rabbits too but they have myxomatosis this year.