Monday, 16 November 2009

By jove I did it - I actually made a card!

 I was inspired by the scraplings posts on various blogs so thought I would have a go - and here is the result

Now you need a bit of imagination for this.

It is 1934 and you are in Paris!

This is what you would be wearing - honestly!

I used a piece of folded card 4"x8" and distressed around the edges with Espresso ink.
Stamped a background of hessian.
Layered on some paper scraps and coloured again with Espresso.
Stamped the image and coloured it, and used gold highlights on the rose brooch
(Which you can see if you click to enlarge.)

I rather like her cape, I think it looks like velvet now that it has been inked
Stamped the wording and mounted it.
Finished it off with a bow, having first distressed the borders with red then gold.

I thought this fitted the theme of 'Remembrance' it was remembering anything, fashion included for Tuesday Created by Hand


Anonymous said...

Magnificent my friend, beautiful work and i think its very elegant and intriguing fashion :)

Yogi said...

beautiful card. Thanks for playing along .

Julie said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love every bit of it!

Maggie R said...

Lottie this card is awesome!
I Love it all
Nice work

crafty creations said...

Absolutely stunning - love it !!!

Christine B. said...

Wonderful card I love it. Hugs x

Lynne K said...

Beautiful and elegant.

Cath Wilson said...

I honestly thought that WAS velvet and I LOVE the French words - can I ask where from, please? Just my cup of tea. Love everything you've done here, Lottie - you're getting better and better and better...

Lottie said...

Thank you so much everyone

I will email you Cath

LazyKay said...

See, that wasn't so bad was it?

Lovely card - I like the stamped words, they just finish it off nicely.


Melinda Cornish said...

it's great and it shows the fun you had making it!!!!

Pearl said...

Oh Lottie how do I explain a Fu Fu? Just little things to fluff up your home to make it pretty. I'll put it on my blog and get more suggestions from the other girls. That's how I explain it.

Anonymous said...

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