Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tote Bag Experiment with Vintage Material

I spent the afternoon making this.

Of course I found a way to cheat, as a beginner I am just not clever enough to make it all without a pattern. Doesn't the colour in the photo below look peculiar, its almost as if it has taken on the colour of the background. The right colour are the other photos.

So - using a cream tote back which I had bought previously - I used that as the inside liner. It isn't crunched up in real life - I just did it this way to show you the inside

I cut out a piece of material, machined it into an oblong - which made it nice and strong, and sewed it onto the tote bag to make a big strong inside pocket. It is big enough to take my purse/wallet, car keys, and cell phone - no more rummaging around in the bottom to find them.

I cut out two squares of the fabric which I bought from Very Mary's Etsy shop - its vintage and I love it!

Next I sewed on the flower centre (tell you more about that tomorrow - it has a story) and sewed on some sequins in the two flower centres near the bottom - I love the way they catch the light! Picking up ideas from Pat Winter Gathering's in a very small way of course.

Then I tried to work out how to make a proper bottom - so that when shopping, tins etc would stand up right - so I machined the corners at an angle - and it worked!

Of course, being me, I took the photos before I pressed the bag!

Lastly I just had to put the cream tote bag, inside the patterned handle-less bag, and sew them both together!

Here is the reverse side. Probably beginner's luck - but I was pleased with how it turned out.

What I am really thrilled about is that I have a bag that is wholly original - because I made it, and the material is vintage.

I am raring to make some more now - but when I shall get the time - who knows?


Anonymous said...

oooo that is gorgeous - you are very multi talented Lottie.Loving the bag and cant wait for you to find time for some more!

Claireabelle said...

Wow Lottie, that is fabulous!

alcoholinky said...

Blimey Lottie - how can you say you're not clever. Your work just keeps getting better and better. this is gorgeous!

themessycraftroom said...

Wow Lottie made a lovely job of your bag ,it looks fab and like you say a One off.

Sally H said...

Gorgeous work Lottie! I love those beautiful rich colours! Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog. You inspire me too!

Shairon said...

You are so inspiring me to learn to sew when I see your wonderful bags, Lottie! They are all gorgeous. xx

Pat Winter said...

Lottie, the bag is beautiful and very "designer". You are so talented!

Debbie said...

WOW Lottie!!!!

The bag is amazing - I truly would not know where to start with something like that. I love the colours too. xx

Sea Gypsy said...

I love, love this bag! Before I even read your post, I thought wow! The materials are just perfect for this bag! Beautiful!!!!

Reflections of life and art said...

Lottie, this is a very beautiful bag.
The fabric is so different,perfect for a purse!
Pat's art is an inspiration for sure!

I Am Very Mary said...

WOW! It's GREAT! I'm so proud of your endeavor!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

My favourite :0)

Ginger said...

This one is easily my favourite out of the 3 you have blogged so far, but all of them are very pretty.

LazyKay said...

Gorgeous - it looks 3D the different elements all stand out on their own but are combined to make a wonderful item.