Saturday, 31 October 2009

Another find in Grandma's attic

Not 'politically correct' in these days - but it has a certain charm I thought.

It's from the bygone age of Gentlemen's Clubs, where men of a certain class in society could sit around in comfortable leather chairs dressed up to the 'nines'  to have a companionable chat and to smoke their cigars.

The cigars boxes in the Victorian era were very fine wooden boxes indeed, some were covered with fine leather, with the manufacturers often prestigious label taking pride of place.

This one says "Smoke Buzzer Cigars" -  I love the way the body of the butterfly is a cigar!  Very clever
I wonder if this was Grandfather's?

This scrap of leather is a remnant of a bygone era which I thought might look nice a on hanger.........

Or, is it just a torn piece of recycled  brown envelope, aged with Espresso ink, with an image stamped on a sheet of tissue which was host to yesterday's 'gold' leaf on Grandma's box?

Here are some examples of cigar labels from my CD collection, I thought you might like


Some lovely labels.

Look at these

What an outcry there would be today - children and pets playing with cigars!

I love the rooster but.................!

What an outrage this would cause - as if smoking a cigar would make you feel so happy at being a orphan!
I don't think so

There were lots of pretty flower labels - I think they all became collectors items

Last one for today


flutterbycrafter said...

Absolutely love what you are doing with Grandma's things. I love to read what you write and what you create is stunning.

Shairon said...

Thanks for sharing this nostalgia with us Lottie. As you say, not at all pc in these days!

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, another stunning creation, Lottie - didn't know you collected cigar box labels - how apt! Looks wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

another wonderous creation x

Lorraine said...

I love the way you tell a story when talking about your art..great original art and love the cigar labels too

Pearl said...

Who cares if were politcally correct or not. It's fabulous! I love it, they were very cool and ornate. Thanks for sharing

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Great post Lottie. Love what you made ( very clever ). Those cigar labels are wild arent they!!! Goodness meeeeeeee! Imagine them nowadays as you said!

crafty creations said...

A stunning piece of artwork again Lottie - have enjoyed reading your post

LazyKay said...

Oh I can smell that smoke!