Friday, 7 August 2009

Recycled Metal

After seeing Sara's tutorials on her Time for Crafting site I decided to have another play with metal and came up with this.

I have made this for the Lots To Do Challenge Blog this week - to make something out of recycled stuff.

You can't get more recycled than this! It is meant to look old and grungey.

It is made totally out of a tomato puree tube.

I opened it up, washed it, flattened it, and cut out some petal shapes. Then I used a bit of the tube that I hadn't roughed up - and glued it behind to make the blue petals, and bent the tube over at the back to totally enclose it. Punched hole with my Cropodile, added rivets to secure it and make it strong - and a bit of old flower arranging wire I found in my 'rubbish' when I was clearing out.

The 'seeds' I wrote backwards on the front of the tube with a biro, and then kept going over it - the gold is the inside of the tube - and I roughed that up with some sandpaper.

It is a label for my seed box!


sam21ski said...

Fantastic Lottie

Thanks for playing this week on the Lotstodo Challenge - Sam xxx

flutterbycrafter said...

Love it, love it, love it. How good are you? What fantastic use of a tomato paste tube, would never have thought of that. Brilliant.

Paula said...

how nifty and clever....a wonderful little plaque for your seed box!

Momiji said...

how creative! thats recycling at its best!

lisa said...

Ohhh Lottie. There are no words. I love this. How creative to use a tomato puree tube, now, let me see, I have one of those somewhere....
A label for my seeds, I have to have one. It won't be up to your standard but I am definitely going to try this!!!!


June said...

Ohhhhh Lottie what an amazing piece !! This is such a fab make and love the creativity of it. You are genius ya know that !!!
Hugs June x

Ewonne said...

That is sooooo beautiful! And how clever to use a tomato puree tube :)

If you'd like to have the round wording i used on my card, head on over to the Cuttlebug Challenge blog ( and leave a comment there with your email adress and you will be sent some digital stamps!

Hugs Ewonne

Spyder said...

Love it! I have some glue tubes waiting to do something just like this.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

verrrrrry clever indeed.

Meda said...

It is gorgeous! A real piece of art! I had to look at it several times to realize that the red was the actual tomato from the original can.