Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Bamboo tile - disaster

I had a real disaster after making this pendant. As an afterthought I decided to spray it with a varnish - which worked fine - but this is the 'before' photo so it doesn't look show.

I also decided to super-glue the bottom bead in place. I have done this many times before when I made lots for Christmas - and never had any problems - but today was different.

I managed to drop the bottle of Superglue (without it's screw top lid on) as I was using a cocktail stick to apply it, because the nozzle got glued up months ago.

It poured all over my craft mat and things on it (luckily not many) but it also poured over my hand as I went to pick it up with kitchen roll. The result was all my fingers got stuck together, my wedding and engagement rings did too - and my nails were stuck to my fingers - not nice.

If ever it happens to you - get your hands into warm soapy water as quickly as you can, use lots of soap and a nail brush. I manage to get all my fingers apart fairly easily - the rings took a bit longer and the glue under the rings longer still! The next step is to use lots of nail polish remover and soak the glue off - then repeat the soapy scenario. I am still picking off flakes! My hands and fingers are so sore - but thank goodness I did not get any on the top of my hands - that would have been a total disaster!

The image looks lovely and crisp and darker in real life - again my lousy photography - it might have something to do with it being a bright sunny day. (I am running out of excuses now!)

Just a plain bamboo tile, the image printed onto dry decal paper from Crafty Computer Paper as before, cut to size and applied. I used a black pen to outline the edges and sides, a black 'thong' threaded through and a bead at the bottom to finish it off.

I am so pleased with this 'in the flesh' as it were, that I am going to keep it myself and wear it.

Unlike the super glue - which is in the bin - and I will never use it again!


Anonymous said...

does look gorgeous and I can see why you want to keep it for yourself!
Oh my what day you had yesterday....I'll never forget a friend of mine years ago getting her hand glued with super glue to the steering wheel of her car when she was trying to fix her rear view mirror back up onto the windowscreen....she was beeping her horn for 10 minutes trying to attract help lol
Hope todays a better day!

Jennie said...

lovely pendant! i hate superglue, but sometimes have to use it. yet to find a glue apart from Glossy Accents which does all the jobs you need to glue!
Hope your hands are ok now :)

flutterbycrafter said...

This is fantastic, I am now going to have a go at this myself. Thanks for the inspiration. By the way, Bostik works just as well and if you drop it you don't have the same consequences!!!! Hope the hands are feeling better this morning. xx

Sally H said...

The pendant is gorgeous, Lottie! You poor thing with the super glue! I am terrified of the stuff, so very rarely use it. Sounds like you were very calm and purposeful in the light of your accident and managed to rescue the most important things.

Momiji said...

beautiful pendant and great end result which is just as well after the mishap. I had a similar experience some time ago with super glue on my fingers so would never use it again.

Claireabelle said...

LOL oh Lottie, I know what you mean about super glue, I've 'been there and done that!'

Fabulous pendant though, no wonder you've decided to keep it

LazyKay said...

That's a lovely piece Lottie and I totally sympathise with your glue accident.

Many moons ago I startd a new job and decided to put a peg on the wall for my coat. Unfortunately, I splashed to glue right onto my colleague's (quite posh) mackintosh! Yes, she did speak to me afterwards but boy, was my face red!

Nail polish remover is quite good so you could try that on your rings.