Friday 31 July 2009

Playing with clear stamps

Well these are the stamps I was talking about in my previous post. Clear stamps, which I didn't really mean to buy - and then wondered why I did.

I have been practicing colouring with inks, layering with inks, and generally just playing around.

I got better as the afternoon wore on! These are little tags which will go out with swaps etc. I might not have the holes in exactly the right places - but I need more practice.

These are more colourful in real life - not sure why they look a bit wishy washy

I liked the colours I managed on this one - and it is on very textured thick card - think I might have messed it up with the dark medallion flowers on the bottom - but again, I was trying out all these different stamps.

The colours on this one are much nicer in real life and they blend from dark to pale.

The sentiment stamp is the only rubber one I used and is from CHF and the bird is a free one which came with my magazine. This is the first time I have used it - and I rather like it - but horror of horrors - it tore in half when I gently peeled it off the acrylic block. None of the others did - and they were all clear and just stuck themselves to the block as this did. It is such a shame as I really like this little bird once I had seen it stamped. I have never had that happen before !

I had fun inking this one - over white red lined paper. The lovely butterfly image came for a Crafty Individuals book - its really nice.

Last one of the day - again this is richer and deeper colours in real life.

Didn't I get a lot done!

Off to put my bantams away as it looks like rain - and to tidy up my studio. I do like everything put back in its place so that I can start a new day with a clear-ish table.


lisa said...

These are all just beautiful Lottie. You did get a lot done. I love the torquoise, what a rich colour that is.
Your stamps are great and you've used them in such different ways.
Have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

good golly missus....youve been busy,nice tags - its fun just messing about with ink and stamps,ay!

sam21ski said...

Gosh Lottie you've been busy - they are all fab xxx

Angelnorth said...

You've had a productive playtime there, some lovely work! I really like the last one with the white highlighting on the butterfly and flowers!

Somebody on UKS had one of their Craft Stamper freebies tear a while back and Katie (the Editor) told her to send an e-mail and she'd get a replacement sent out. Worth asking if she has any of the bird stamp and could do the same for you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tags Lottie! x

Lynne K said...

Great work, Lottie! All gorgeous, & I really couldn't choose a favourite. Must admit I'm a big fan of clear stamps, since it's so easy to see where you're putting them. I'd certainly agree with Angelnorth that you should email Katy at Craft Stamper about a replacement of your bird.

Claireabelle said...

Fabulous tags Lottie!

Shame that your stamp tore. I have the same stamp that I've never used as I have some of the other Stichels range. If you let me know your details I'll pop it in the post for you

Unknown said...

Blimey - you have been busy ... fabulous work too X

Carol Q said...

great tags Lottie. my faves are the natural coloured ones.

Momiji said...

great work and such a lot too! justlove these little kokeshi dolls..

Anke said...

Beautiful tags Lottie.