Saturday, 18 July 2009

Messing about with metal - Experiment.1.

This wooden model reminds me of Posh Spice for some reason. Every day that I am in my studio I change it's pose. I know it is childish, but it gets manoeuvred into some very weird positions and it really makes me smile!

Today it is 'modelling' an experimental piece of metal work I did today. It took me hours and nearly ended up in the bin on several occasions!

On the Time for Crafting site Sara has featured metal work in her latest magazine, so I thought I would try out different ways of using it.

I tried painting it red with alcohol inks, but couldn't get a nice finish. Then I tried highlighting just the roses and wording - but easier said than done.

So I ended up cleaning it all off, 'hammering' with a pointy thing from the garage, painted it black, then sanded it off.


Time for Crafting said...

It was worth persevering Lottie, that looks fantastic! The good thing about metal is you can just keep going, mistakes are the beginning of something great!

Sally H said...

Well Rescued! It looks great! Metal is something I haven't done much with yet, so I will take a look at time for crafting.

alcoholinky said...

i think it looks fab - you ended up with a great distressed look.

sam21ski said...

WOW I'm Impressed with the 'just for you' it's so delicate and so clear xxx

Paula said...

VERY nice indeed.....and I thought Posh modelled the piece exceptionally well for you lol

Julia Stainton said...

This is gorgeous! A super cool project!