Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Quick fix for stress..............

I've had a couple of stressful days lately - due to the hailstorm and flash flooding - the conservatory which is our dining room etc was flooded, so too the porch hallway and the garage. So its been smelly, dirty, and a mess.

Yesterday I took myself off to see my friend Paula Whittaker I had so been looking forward to it.

We converse via email and the telephone - but don't get together as often as we would like - so I was not going to miss seeing her for a flood!

We had a great day - talking for England as usual - and I got to see 'in the flesh' her beautiful cards that have appeared in magazines and on her blog.

The camera never does justice does it?

We have a famine of craft shops in Norfolk - so went to the better of the two - and had a good look around. No bargains to be had - but it is so much nicer seeing things in real life than on the web - well it is for me.

We managed to buy some goodies though and had a great time.

The course I am on finishes next week - so we hope to get together more often to actually do some crafting!

This afternoon I 'left' the mess, and broken patio door glass (felt much happier now that it has been made safe), and headed off down the garden determined to make a card - and I did.

I had to lean over a lamp to take this photo - so the collage image of the lady and butterfly on the cream background looks not quite 'square' but it is - its the angle I have taken the photo.

I mounted the picture on thick textured cream card, inked the border with a toning colour to match the butterfly, then I distressed all the edges.

The backing papers I chose to compliment each other - trying to emulate Paula - she's great at that - but I haven't got the 'knack' yet - but I think this is a good attempt.

Across the middle join is ribbon, and I had a go at making one of the 'modern' flowers that seem to be the 'in' thing at the moment.

After cutting out, scrunching up, and distressing, I offset each layer slightly (thanks for the tip Paula) and added one of the gems, that Paula found in the shop. It picks up the colours beautifully.

Purple, butterflies, and rain on the roof of my wooden studio while I worked - the perfect 'fix' for stress


Anonymous said...

aawww I had a fab day with you too missus and I cant wait to meet up again to actually craft - one day,ay lol
Really like this card - all the elements go together perfectly!!And your first lollipop flower is top notch!

Lynne K said...

Sorry to hear about your being flooded, Lottie, but glad that the card making helped you to de-stress a bit. The card is gorgeous, & everything fits together beautifully.

sam21ski said...

Sorry to hear your news about the flooding Lottie, glad you managed to de-stress with a bit of card making xxxx

Claireabelle said...

Gorgeous card Lottie. Sorry to hear you've had a stressful few days but glad to hear you and Paula had fun

Momiji said...

so sorry to hear about the flooding but you have coped very well and even done some crafting. great card..really vibrant..

Sally H said...

there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy and creative time with a like minded friend to make you feel better. Your card is gorgeous and I really hope your wild weather problems are over.

alcoholinky said...

ooh lovely - what gorgeous colours. sorry to hear about the flood but how lovely to have a day with a crafting mate.

Ginger said...

Oh no your lovely conservatory, what a shame and what a mess to clear up :(.
Your card is lovely Lottie. First time I have come across a Lollipop flower (as usual my head in the sand and new things pass me by). I will give these a bash myself as yours looks so lovely and distressed and as you know, it and grunge are favourite looks.

lisa said...

Oh no Lottie, poor you. I hope you get straight soon, it's awful being in a mess isn't it.
Your card is fantastic. Those colours are great together and I love making those lollipop flowers too, they always look good.


kim-paperbabe said...

Fantastic card Lottie dispite the stresses, hope it all gets sorted! love the romantic feel and rich colours, thanks for stopping by my blog, HuGs Kim :)

Sue ( following the other blog)! said...

Sorry about the flooding. I do hope the chickens are OK and there was not too much damage to the garden.

June said...

Oh what a beauty too. It was well worth leaving the jobs for. I hope everything is ok with you my friend and that you are having a lovely week
I just popped by to say hello and say i am sorry for not being around much. I am tentively dipping my feet in the blogging waters again after my few weeks of little or no blogging. I have missed you and wanted to say thanks for still stopping by and saying hello on my blogs. You are lovely
Hugs June xxx