Thursday, 7 May 2009

Missing Luke

My little grandson is in Japan for a month - won't be back until 17th May. Not long now, but I do miss him so. Here is a link to him in Japan - you can see the resemblance!

When I saw this stamp, on Cornish Heritage Farms site it looked so much like him that I had to buy it.

He 'sits' like this a lot - and I often see him crouched down like this watching a snail or an ant - lost in a world of his own.

Oh - I had better tell you how I did it. Stamped on white card, painted with inks, matted on thick black card which I distressed quite a bit to roughen it up, as it looked too neat and tidy, and by distressing it I thought it added texture and was more 'boyish'

Then glued it onto a textured card blank which I had coloured with chalk, and edged.

I am going to send it to Japan tomorrow - so that his mummy can tell him I am thinking of him

Daft old bat aren't it!


Anonymous said...

aawww bless - its a fab card and I bet he's missing you as much as you are missing him.

sam21ski said...

So cute, and no you aren't daft, just very caring xxxxx

Anonymous said...

What beutiful things you make! =)
I`m in to crafting too (new beginner and happy explorer.. =) )
ATC and such, arent so big, here in sweden yet, but you have som fabolous sites i US.
take care, your welcome to visit my just new-started blog.
/Anna Sweden

LazyKay said...

Love both the cards and what beautiful images you've chosen.


Ellen said...

congratulations on winning the CHF prize. he's gorgeous and what a lovely way to think of your grandson