Saturday 16 May 2009

Dreams Card

I would like to say this was just a quick card - but it wasn't LOL. I am still practicing.

I cut out the card using a Megabilitie die. Apologies for the photo - the card is laying down and the top has lifted a bit so at the bottom you can see the inside of the card and it looks like it is cut wonky - but it is not.

The stamps are by Tim Holtz and the wording stamp, I haven't smudged - its meant to look like that!

I have ordered a set of new stamps - and they didn't arrive today - so hopefully Monday - but I won't have time to use them until Tuesday - but they are Gorjuss and Sugar Nellies so well worth waiting for.

Now I am feeling guilty about buying them - they cost more than my first car did!

Can you imagine - I got a car and with a full tank of petrol, cheaper than I am paying for half a dozen bits of rubber!

But once I have these - I bet I have more fun than I did with that old car!


In case you all think I am spending thousands of pounds - my first car cost £30! And yes, it was a very long time ago.

I did buy an old van for £5 once too!


Sally H said...

Gorgeous card! I go through the guilt about buying stamps regularly. I try and justify it by working out how much I would spend on cards if I didn't make them, and with this addiction there is some return if you can sell some, unlike smoking or drinking!

Momiji said...

great card..I love the monochrome effect with this bird..

Anonymous said...

I didnt know they made cars all those years ago lol just joshing!
Love this card,the shape,the papers everything - lottie you really are improving every day...Im going to have to watch out for you!

Claireabelle said...

This is simply stunning Lottie! I love everything about it

Moira said...

This is lovely Lottie, very sweet and grungey too fab combination. What stamps are you getting wanna see!

Flippinpest said...

Wow you have really takenoff with the cardmaking Lotties. Another fab card, look forward to seeing some more off you soon :-)

lisa said...

This is a lovely card Lottie. Tim Holtz's things are fab aren't they. Don't feel too guilty buying craft stuff, we all have to have a treat sometimes and I think of craft stash as my handbags and shoes! Trouble is I buy lots of plants too-oh dear, double the guilt!
Can't wait to see what you do with your new purchases.


LazyKay said...

Yes but you don't need to tax, insure or put petrol in your stamps! LOVE this card, esp the sentiment.