Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Who's a lucky lady then?

I get the Freecycle newsletter most days, and have given lots of things away over the past couple of years - including a shed, lots of flower arranging things, vases etc. and so much more.

Imagine my surprise when I saw listed some mount board off cuts up for grabs. It was under the heading 'Youth Clubs, Associations, Charities' and went on to say that they get lots of mount board off cuts and so to get in touch with them if they would like some.

I left it a couple of days and sent a nice email explaining that I was none of the above but would love some mount board off cuts if there were any going spare as I use it in my art work - and so do friends of mine.

I was really surprised to get an email back saying that I could go and collect some and the days and times. They were based in a town about 13 miles away. Luckily we could 'team it up' with other things we needed etc so off we set early this morning in the pooring rain!

This is one of those big storage boxes on wheels - so there is a lot of board - and the reverse of all the coloured pieces is white of course.

They had it all ready for me in another big plastic box and how my husband carried it I do not know - it was so heavy.

I had made some chocolate brownies - so took them with me as a thank you - and was invited to go and collect more any time that I liked - as they get so much each day!

Whilst I was in the town, I found a little craft shop - so got some bits and pieces including some organza ribbon!



Momiji said...

wow that looks great! must get the hang of this freecycle...

Anonymous said...

ooo 'RESULT' indeed Miss Lottie!!

sam21ski said...

WOW Lottie, how much mountboard!!!!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Amazing!! What a result indeed... thats you set up for a very long time now!!

LazyKay said...

Excellent, I've just acquired a couple of under desk filing cabinets from a friend who is having a clear out! Really good condition too.