Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Altered Box

I altered this cardboard domino box which you can see if you click the link, and turned it into this...............for a lovely lady.

(As usual, click any image for an enlarged photo)

It took three coats of Gesso to hide all the pictures, and I painted all of it inside and out and underneath. Left it to dry overnight. The next task was to swipe over some ink - to make it look grainy. That took all morning the next day to soak in and dry.

It was then that I stamped onto tissue paper, in black ink, the image, and once dry glued it onto the lid of the box.

The next day, I painstakingly painted it all with a tiny paintbrush - some places took several coats to get the depth of colour. The creamy white background along the outer edges is the 'woodgrain' effect I made with the Gesso and ink (it's not all hidden under the dark paint)

I then used UTEE to cover the image - to protect it - that took four coats of melting and maneuvering to get it to flow over the butterfly panel.

The next day I gave it two coats of acrylic paint - in burnt sienna to cover the creamy stained sides and edges.

The next day I embossed the top edges with copper embossing powder.

And lastly rubbed over all the burnt sienna paintwork with a copper rub and buff metal paint - waited for it dry and shined it all up to give it a nice sheen and to make it look solid. Which sadly these photos do not show!

I took the photos in a rush on Sunday morning as we were going away to the coast for the night - but I wanted to finish it and wrap it up and get it in the post the next day on the way back.

Lastly I wrapped in tissue a few little surprises, and used petals and leaves from a spray of artificial flowers which I pulled apart.

What it lacks in 'talent', I think is made up for with effort LOL, and I had great pleasure in making it for a particular person - to fit in with their 'other life' apart from their art work.

It felt like a wooden box when I had finished with it - and I have to admit to feeling rather chuffed that for a few pennies, and lots of patience, you can create your own little work of art without a huge amount of materials.

And yesterday, it arrived at it's destination hundreds of miles away!


Anonymous said...

wonderful Lottie - and love how youve wrapped everything,I did something similar for my sister-in-law.
Lucky person who rec'd this little lot!

Anonymous said...

This is a true work of art Lottie - fabulous!! xx

Momiji said...

what a labour of love..very pretty indeed...

Angelnorth said...

Worth all the effort, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Love the textured look you've achieved!

LazyKay said...

Looks and I'm sure feels, beautiful. Your work is well worth it and no doubt, much appreciated.


sam21ski said...

WOW Lottie it's fantastic, you have so much patience xxxx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Its mine, its mine!!! *yessssss* :0))))))

It was like Christmas! First of all the box is stunning- so much detail and texture. Then to open it and find it contained all these gorgeous pressies....I was spechless! Pefect for my 'other life' ;0)

Thankyou Lottie so much for making such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I shall treasure it and, of course, keep you updated on its contents :0) xxx

Allotment Lady said...

You are so very welcome.

WendyK said...

It's gorgeous Lottie, lucky Jo