Friday, 23 January 2009

I blame Craft Stamper Magazine for this.

Last month I was living blissfully unaware of lots of 'things'. I recycle everything I possibly can - and have done before it was 'fashionable'. I grow my own food, keep chickens and quail, and potter about trying to do some arty crafty stuff.

Cardboard tubes were saved for seed planting, cardboard for composting. But not now!

Cereal, tissue, in fact any boxes are now cut up to use for art work - covered in paper or painted for book covers - and now this!

The Craft Stamper magazine full of art work using recycled 'waste'.

I found these at the back of a drawer. They would normally have just gone in the recycle bin. But never again. I tried to throw them away, I really did, but kept retrieving them - feeling totally guilty that I wasn't doing some thing arty crafty with them.

So if the weather is bad and I can't do anything productive - then you will know where I will be and what I will be doing.

In my garden 'studio shed' trying to do something with these boxes - or one of them.

Oh dear - life is never going to be the same again methinks.


Anonymous said...

lol I know what you mean....Im blaming Miss Jo CS for the amount of Cardboard tubes I have cluttering up my house lol

lottie said...

Oh I know Paula - I have a carrier bag hanging on my door in the cupboard rapidly filling up with tubes.

It's wondering what to put then them after I have made her little tag book that I am now pondering over.

Do you think Jo' ears are burning - in a nice sort of way.

I am now gathering clutter again in my studio shed - tsk - I don't think there are enough days in the week to use it all.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

roflrofl...yep...rofl they're on fire lol

You just never know when something might come in handy :0)

Lottie- I have some bits and pieces you might like if you send me your addy via email...(no not egg boxes and cardboard tubes I promise lol) x

Allotment Lady said...

Oh Jo - your ears must have been burning. Thanks for no egg boxes or tubes - I am doing quite nicely with those LOL

And thank you for commenting again - I have never been 'stalked' by someone famous.

Thank you for your very kind offer - I am sending you an email with a proposition LOL

LazyKay said...

You little squirrel you - you'll find a use for them, I'm sure.