Saturday 17 January 2009

BIA Note Book - for Vallen

At last my friend in the USA has received her parcel of my little creations so I can post this on here - without fear of spoiling her surprise.

I took inspiration from a tag book which was featured in Craft Stamper this month, which was created by the very clever artist Jo Capper-Sandon. I am a relative beginner so do not aspire to emulate her - just to get inspiration from her.

I wanted to make a note book - so here's what I did.
This is the back cover.

This is the 'undressed' front of the assembled book.

I inked the card, and shaded it with Ecoline inks - then gradually added more shading to get the depth of colour I wanted. Brushed over some colour through sequin waste at the top. I didn't have the lovely stamps JSC used so had to improvise.

I stamped my interpretation of a 'grass' background in grey so that it was not too bold.

The little flowers were a stamp by Crafty Individuals - which had a block frame around it - so I stamped out the flowers on Japanese newspaper which had tiny calligraphy - then cut them out of the frames. The centres I painted with the same ink which I used at the top of the cover page - and added several layers of embossing powders. I then shaded the petals with the same colour used on the cover too.

The butterfly was improvised with another tiny stamp in a frame - so I cut out the butterfly, painted it the same yellow as above,inked on 'feelers' and embossed its body.

Not having the lovely velvet ribbons shown in the magazine page - I used what I had and found a toning little purple one .

Then I had to punch the holes of the covers and inner note book pages, add the wires - chunkier than I usually do as it is a fat book - and add a few things more.

The final touches were ribbons and threads in co-ordinating colours and a silver charm and a Japanese vintage silver bead above the key.

It took me a few days to make in stages - but I feel it is the very best one I have made - and my friend was very happy to receive it.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS NOTEBOOK....its beautiful and I think youre art/skill/craft has come-on in leaps and bounds in the last year - lucky Vallen is all I can say!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

WOW this really made me feel all've created this so brilliantly and adapted the idea so well, which is what its all about- making things your own. LOVE it!!!!
I can't stop looking!! Superb!

June said...

Oh its gorgeous Lottie. Lovely work my friend. I have added myself to follow now :)
Hugs June xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments - It's made my weekend - year even.

Suse said...

oooo - this is gorgeous Lottie - really delightful - no wonder your friend is happy to receive it! absolutely love your colour choices!

joanne wardle said...

this is beautiful. I love how you have interpreted Jo's style.

Moira said...

I finally got my greasy paws on a copy of Craft Stamper and saw Jo's design and see where the inspiration has come from, this is truly lovely and dressed to perfection.

Unknown said...

Oh this one is absolutley Fabulous...I have loved all your little notebooks but this one is just above and beyond!

I know your friend will love it!