Monday, 19 January 2009

Bamboo Dominoes for friends

One side of the book mark - varnished and edged with gold - with a bit of highlighting

Another bookmark for another friend - these have all been received, so I can blog them now.

The reverse side - a cute little vintage image, varnished several times, edged with gold.

Finished off with beads to match the colour of the little girl's Rose on her coat, and shells, I superglued on to the cord to weight the thong. The 'loose' beads slide down to the seashells.

The back of a little bag charm/keyring. Painted with Lumiere paints. Stamped and varnished

It a pretty pearlised charm, with white pearly beads and the pink one matches exactly. Not very good photos.


This is a lovely little image of Venice - Hmmm nice memories of Venice - my husband proposed to me at the stroke of midnight one New Year many years ago.

Painted with metallic Lumiere paint. Varnished and edged with Krylon Gold pen.

Its a bookmark.


June said...

Wow Lottie these are gorgeous. Are they dominoes and are they drilled through ? I love using dominoes but never known how to do that. I have only made brooches so far and fridge magnets.
Thanks for letting me know about the word verifications. I shall check everything is ok . Love the lumin paints are they like twinkling h2o's ?
Hugs June

Anonymous said...

Really like them all....but particually the Venice one,how romantic of your future hubs to propose there - would love to visit there one day!

Anonymous said...

I told him, 'I need a man like a fish needs a motorbike' cos I had only known him a short while.

I am glad that he persevered and won me around in the end. LOL - He's a little treasure.

LazyKay said...

Hmmmm! I've been looking at these again and then looked at my own (blank) ones - I just can't get my head round working on such a small canvas and yet yours are beautiful - off to think some more!