Friday, 19 December 2008

BIA Note Book

Here is another note book I have made for a very special little girl. I took a photo of her little chicken, printed it on photo paper then mounted it on card. The paler patch at the side is 'light' glare from the thick acetate cover I made to go over the photo. I punched out the holes in the BIA, ditto for pages in the note book. Made a back cover, put it all together and added the ribbons - she is only a youngster and likes bright colours and pink - so I added a strand of pink ribbon too - plus a couple of silver charms.

It doesn't sound like much work - but it took me a few hours in the afternoon.

I know it isn't all arty farty - it's not meant to be - its a little present - but I know she will love it!


Queenly Things said...

Arty farty - it is way better than that. It's terrific.

LazyKay said...

And beautiful it is too - I'm sure she'll be thrilled with her special book and I know what you mean about things that look straighforward taking aaaaaaaaaaages.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the above posters....its gorgeous and Im sure she'll adore it x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lottie!

Hope you're wll - just wanted to wish you a wonderful New Year! Love the artwork as always! ;) x

sam21ski said...

Aww Lottie it's stunning, I'm sure she will love it

Happy New Year to you and your family xxxxx

Sue said...

I'm sure the little girl in question will love it!!
What an amazing chicken :) xx