Friday, 21 November 2008

UK Stampers Challenge

The challenge on UK Stampers is to make a piece of art using an old stamp which you have not used before.

The photo stamp I used on this note book I made, was one I bought second hand on impulse.

I had to take the photo in artificial light unfortunately - which does not show it to its best advantage.

I stamped the vintage image with sepia archival ink, then embossed it - the spots you see are not spots on the image but where the light is catching the embossing.

I then 'inked' all over the cover, and embossed it with gold to give it a vintage 'leather' look about it - well that was the aim and added a gold strip of ribbon.

In 'real life' it looks so much better - clear embossed in the middle with a clear photo stamped image - and the textured gold page.


Anonymous said...

very that stamp.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful notebook, love the stamp and the way you've used it! Great background too. x

Claireabelle said...

Well it's just fan-bloomin-tastic!

Shairon said...

Love this notebook! How come you've never used this beautiful stamp before?

Allotment Lady said...

Well it was rather tatty when I bought it second hand over the 'net' - that and another one. It just put me off them - as they were grubby and the stuck on image on the top was too.

I will try out the other one now though - as soon as I get the chance.