Sunday 9 November 2008

Tree Stamps Prize - From Time for Crafting

I subscribed to the online Time for Crafting magazine and entered a competition and won a set of Tree stamps.

I was so excited - they are wonderful stamps - I just couldn't wait to try them out.

Here is the first thing I have made with them - so far!

The far skyline and tree line I have made misty purposely - so it looks like an autumnal misty sunrise. (which you can't see in the photo) I achieved it by swiping some white chalk over the layered colours.

I drew some birds - some of which got caught in the wire silly me - I should have punched the holes first!

There is clear embossing to give it texture and in the foreground I have stamped a clear embossed tree.

Inside there is another image I stamped and painted with inks. The stamp is from the Goddess plate I have used quite a bit lately.

Her face is flesh coloured but doesn't show up in the photo.

The background painting is a dark shade of brown at the bottom gradually fading into a watery pale hue ar the top - and all with green tints just washed over to give a nice autumnal soft effect. For some reason it looks grey and blotchy in the photo!

Think I might make some more of these.


Anonymous said...

what a lovely cover youve done for these notebooks...shame the lady image is on the inside,she really should be on the front to be admired!

Anonymous said...

Lovely misty look to the tree one and you know I love that lady stamp which you use so well.