Friday, 28 November 2008

Another sort of art - Flower Arranging

I spent a pleasant couple of hours this afternoon in a village hall flower arranging.
The theme this time was Christmas - and there were all different shapes and styles of arrangements being made.

We just had to do whatever we wanted - but had to bring a in picture or photo of the design we were going for.

The spikes of yellow flowers are Mahonia, and the foliage you can see is bay, rosemary, Australian bottle brush sprayed gold and some hypericum berries. You can click on any photo for a close up

Yellow cymbidium orchids and red spray carnations.
This will reside in my porch on the window ledge where it will keep nice and cool and will last right up to to and over the Christmas holidays.

You can also see conifer, variegated holly from my garden and fir cones sprayed gold.

Its a bit early for Christmas decorations for me - but this, I feel, is not a traditional arrangement.

When the flowers fade I can remove them and the ribbon, and by adding a few flowers, it will last through spring.

And the cost? Not as much as you may think.

Stem of Orchids £4.95
Spray carnations £2.50
Foliage from my garden and hedgerow

The ribbon I already had - so too the candle which is years old.

And the best bit is - I have enough of the above flowers to make either one more large arrangement like this - or two smaller ones for either side!

The porch smells amazing when you walk in there with all that foliage.


Moira said...

It's really lovely, I did a flower course a couple of years ago,it was all vase arrangements but working with flowers and foliage is such a pleasure and they brighten a home so much especially when there is little in the garden and it is dark so early.

Anonymous said...

wow Lottie that is stunning!!!! Hope you're well - sorry not been posting for ages but just sneaking back and catching up! x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Ms Lottie....Youre far too talented!

Allotment Lady said...

Thank you all - haven't been doing any flower arranging - and quite forgot how nice it is to do.

I will try and get some more done for Christmas decorations.

LazyKay said...

Stunning Lottie - I just love how the candle is the centerpiece of this and the flowers are arranged in a beautiful shape around and either side of it.



Claireabelle said...

This is gorgeous Lottie!

crafty creations said...

Absolutely gorgeous - and I bet it smells heavenly

x Hilda

Allotment Lady said...

Oh it does Hilda - it truly does

Linda B said...

oh delightful!!!