Thursday, 16 October 2008

ATC Swap - Blue and Gold

For this ATC I have used a MADJAK design stamp from the En-Trance plate.

Stamped in black on a white board, I first painted it all blue and then embossed with clear embossing in some areas. I sloshed over more blue ink - making it darker is some areas which enhanced the embossing.

I then rubbed over it with gold - so that it looked like the internal ornate doors of an old, almost derelict mansion.

As a little surprise, on a bit of scrap paper, I painted a blue outdoor scene in shades of blue, and embossed areas with white sea foam - to create a cold and textured feel to it. The darker bits were my attempt at an animal's footprints in the snow.

I assembled the ATC but first cutting along the stamped door and across to enable it to be opened.

Attached the outdoor scene to the back, and glued that to a black piece of card.