Thursday, 4 September 2008

Trying something new

I haven't done any crafty work for a little while - been too busy up my allotment and harvesting - but now hat we have stormy weather I have been trying out something new.

This is my first attempt at a photo album which I will compile then put together.
The front cover is above. It is lighter and brighter than the photo shows.

With close ups of colouring, embossing, and antique gold rub and buff

The photography lets it down somewhat.

Here is the back cover

And a corner of the back cover.

Its thick card and looks better in real life.


LazyKay said...

Wow, I thought you said you weren't getting on well with this.

That's beautiful!

Love all the guilding effect.


Momiji said...

love both these covers and all the special effects..very natural looking and so special from a grandma who loves birds...

Lottie said...

I feel OK with the covers - its the inside pages that 'let it down'

Paula/BB said...

these covers look good in real life - you could make a great card using the same idea.

Mags said...

Wow, these covers a wonderful, love all of it!