Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Listen Little One!

On Hallowe'en, Goblins have been known to to fly away with fair Maidens.
Therefore tis best to have some one hold you - and tightly too - because Goblins are strong!

This is my first 'go' at a Halloween piece. I didn't have any stamps for the subject - so looked through my trusty vintage CD's and found this.

As usual neither the photo nor the scan does it 'justice' it looks better in real life.

I made a 6" 'tall' house and coloured it with layers of ink from the centre going outwards as though a glow from 'fire and brimstone'.

The peak of the house and the bottom are embossed with black/silver sparkling coal dust.

The actual image has had my usual re-painting with water colours, and lots of inks in different fiery shades to emulate the backing card shades. And the pumpkin looks like an erupting volcano!

Once I had inked in the yellow of the moon - it revealed bats flying around which did not show up before - and now that the goblin is painted it has really brought him to life - especially his evil eyes.

I have used a 24ct gold Krylon pen to high light parts and border the young couple.


Zuzu's Blog said...

OO nice .. love the deep rich colour!.. very spooky too!

Carol said...

Wow Lottie you've been busy - love the bird cd, its gorgeous, the tag book is a great idea, I have a similar one with all my inchies in...and this hallowe'en piece is very vibrant, brill xx

Nicole said...

Great work...fab colours...:-)

Anonymous said...

lovely rich colours....another piece I'd love to see in the flesh,so to speak!

Debbie said...

Oh this is fab - love the ghoul appearing from the right - it is a work of art!

sam21ski said...

Lottie this is fab, love everything about it - don't you just get that spooky feeling!!!

Claireabelle said...

I love this!! Brilliant

Mags said...

These are just fabby, love them!

LazyKay said...

What a brill image and words you found Lottie and how well you've treated them!