Sunday 10 August 2008


I popped over to Ribbon Oasis and was blown away by their stock of hundreds of ribbons and accessories - so many things which I had never seen before.

You should see the work on their gallery too - just what I needed to kick start me on my Christmas present projects!

From there I went to This Thursday where the challenge for this week is Bowdacious - Ribbons and Bows.

This got me daydreaming of days gone by when the women knew how to be feminine and used lots of ribbons and bows

Amongst my collection of vintage photo images I came across this lady - she was rather faded and pale so I printed her onto paper and then painted her with water colours - and now she looks fabulous.

I mounted her onto thick card and using texture paste - and did just that - added a bit of texture - with embossing powders, paint, inks, and blue/silver/grey leafed metals.

Close up of a small part of the textured border.

A 'gal' can never have too many ribbons or bows, so I added the ribbon roses mounted onto a little pink bow and photographed her on strips turquoise ribbon.

Does she fit the title do you think?


Zuzu's Blog said...

She is indeed very very feminine.. well done lottie

Anonymous said...

Thank you - I had a lot of fun - that was the main thing!

Anonymous said...

very feminine and oodles of texture.Like it!

Ginger said...

Yes she definity fits the challenge, love the close up of the border too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much - she was a lot of fun to do - a bit tricky painting her her hat and ribbons and bows to make them look realistic - I was scared I would mess it up! said...

Well I loved the 1st entry and I love ths one two and both so very different
thanks for taking part again
Its so great to see your work
Tracey this Thursday

Crissi Harvey said...

wow shes gorgeous.

crissi xx

Janny said...

Really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Luvit Lottie - she looks a bit naughty to me, a bit sort of Mona Lisa smile but she's thinking of mischief.


Anonymous said...

Just like me - that's why I loved her and her OTT hat.