Monday, 16 June 2008

Asian Arch

At last I am back crafting again.

There is an Asian Arch swap on Zuzu's forum which I am going to join in.

The backing for the above arch is genuine Indian material - I bought a very old skirt from a Charity Shop with a view to using the material - sometime!

I am fascinated with the different patterns you can get for henna hands. You can now buy patterns in 'prints' to go on your hand - not that I would of course.

The edging of the material had a faded gold pattern which I painted over with gold paint to bring it back to life.

I then painted the flowers on the backing material to mirror the flowers featured on the hands - and I painted the pattern at the point on the backing material to mirror the one on the arm, and the pattern of squiggles underneath

The little hanging glass squares came from a broken ballroom glitter ball, these I painted with alcohol ink and added the gold patterns - little mirrors are used a lot in Asian art.

It looks much brighter in real life and the gold glistens which is quite nice.


LazyKay said...

How strange Lottie, I very nearly used hennaed hands on mine too!

This is beautiful, what an inspiration using the fabric.


Debbie said...

What a great idea - this is so lovely

Zuzu's Blog said...

ooo this is sumptuous!! well done

lottie said...

Thanks for your comments - I think I will add a bead to the loop at the top to finish it off.

You can use some henna's hands too LK nice to get different slants on it.