Monday, 5 May 2008


I used MADJAK stamps from Linda at for all these Artist Trading cards - using different mediums for different effects.

The Wedding - stamped on music score paper, embossed matt black, and burnt border. This is darker in reality - and the border is dark burnt brown - achieved by using lemon juice and a heat gun.

Water coloured camouflaged type backing paper with silver outlines. Stamp reversed on acetate and edged with silver embossing

Little Boy Blue
Background paper blue shades rainbow, image stamped with a complementing blue ink and heavily embossed - so has a shiny dimpled texture.

Distressed ink background, stamped embossed face, border distressed red embossing.

Unfortunately the scans do not show up all the textures of the embossing - these are very touch feely ATCs.


LazyKay said...

Well, I'm speechless and you know that doesn't happen very often with me - these pieces really are beautiful!


Debbie said...

Lemin juice and a heat gun - would never have thought of that - wow...

These are wonderful ATCs - I love them.