Monday 24 March 2008

'Same but different swap'

I recently took part in a 'Same but different' swap organized by 'Lazy K'

She sent us each the same materials and we had to use all the things and could add some of our own.

I stained the white card brown with ink and left it to dry a day. I cut up the different papers (the dark brown is velvet) to give layered effect.

I mounted the image onto a piece of my own flowery paper.

The image was printed on acetate - so I decided to colour the background with alcohol inks to give it lovely shades to compliment the backing papers and card.

I enhanced the ladies top with alcohol inks too and painted in the rose.

The 'pendant' I made utilising the seed beads LK had sent and the curtain ring. (I threaded the beads onto wire first.) Then I painted in another rose, and mounted that on the reverse of the curtain ring and then onto the wired beads to give a pendant effect.

I finished it off by dyeing the white lace to match.

It is photographed on cream material by the way - that is not the card.

Thank you LK are a great swap idea.


Anonymous said...

You made a lovely card Lottie - you spent a lot of time and effort and it shows.


Momiji said...

beautiful card the little pendant...

Anonymous said...

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Zuzu's Blog said...

excelent work Lottie :-)