Tuesday, 11 September 2007

‘Shoes that you wore in your childhood’

The theme of a swap I am going to enter is ‘Shoes that you wore in your childhood’.

So here are the shoes I always dreamed of wearing - but never ever got to even try a pair on!

The trouble with dreams - no matter how hard you try - you can never make them as good in real life as you can in your dreams.

But these do look better with the naked eye than the scanned photos.

Just one ATC - which took me hours to make. My practice one!

Firstly I drew a pair of pink ballet shoes on pink paper, with swirly drawn ribbon ties, and fancy pink pattern in the background.

Then I coloured it with pastels - but it didn’t look right to me.

So I just cut out the pink ballet shoes - and painted them red, then darker, then darker still. I dare not tell you how many times I had to paint them to get them to match the ribbons.

I stamped some black card with swirls, and embossed them, which gave me a subtle shiny arty background on which to mount my dream shoes.

Gosh it was hard to put ribbon ties on each shoe - and the one on the left I have tied into a bow - but you can’t really see it in the photo.


LazyKay said...

Lottie, you always put your soul into your work and it shows.

All your effort was well worth it and what a lovely story to go with this theme too.

In fact, it's an original and very interesting theme.


RUTH said...

These remind me of the film The Red Shoes....haven't seen it since I was a child but know I cried. Funnily enough as much as I loved the film I never dreamed of being a ballerina...just as well I think...my dancing partner would have to be Atlas to lift me...LOL