Thursday, 9 August 2007

Lock and Key ATCs for Zuzu's Forum Swap

I have really struggled with this theme!

The 'lock' is obviously the keyhole - and the 'key' to freedom is the other side of the door - which you can see through the keyhole

Because I have used metallic paint on a very textured paper - the scan doesn't really show them up properly

The gold paint looks really shiny and rich looking - and positively glows in the light.

The borders are the same thickness which for some reason doesn't show up on the scanner!

Oh - there are some little marks on the glass scanner which look like they are on the ATCs but are not.

One more to go for the set


RUTH said...

Well looks wonderful and what clever thinking "key to freedom" is :o)

allotment lady said...

Thanks Ruth - I wasn't quite sure about these - but I still have time to do some more

Zuzu's Blog said...

well Lottie I think you have done very very well .. I actually gave up on this one I have to admit.. so good for you :-)